Draft Programme

Bolzano’s Mathematics and the General Methodology of the Sciences

Provisional programme (liable to re-ordering):

Concepts and methodology

1. Annapaola Ginammi, Arianna Betti: Bolzano’s theory of ground and consequence and the traditional theory of concepts

2. Paola Cantu: Bolzano’s requirement of a correct ordering of concepts and its inheritance in modern axiomatics

3. Michael Otte: Bolzano, Kant and the evolution of the concept of concept

The mathematical infinite and other problems

4. Johan Blok: Did Bolzano Solve the Eighteenth Century Problem of Problematic Mathematical Entities?

5. Elías Fuentes Guillén: On Bolzano’s early rejection of infinitesimals

6. Kateřina Trlifajova: Bolzano and the part-whole principle for infinite collections

Mathematical manuscripts

7. Jan Sebestik: Looking at Bolzano’s mathematical manuscripts

8. Davide Crippa, Elías Fuentes Guillén, Jan Makovsky: Bernard Bolzano’s 1804 examination: mathematics and mathematical teaching in early 19th century Bohemia

Kinds of Numbers

9. Peter Simons: On the several kinds of number in Bolzano

10. Anna Bellomo: Bolzano’s measurable numbers: sets or sums?