Draft Programme

An extra talk on Bolzano’s mathematics is being presented at the APMP Symposium held (we believe) on the Tuesday before our Symposium. See (forthcoming) detailed programme. All welcome. 

Marlena Fila, On continuity in Bolzano’s 1817 Rein analytischer Beweis … Abstract

Bolzano’s Mathematics and the General Methodology of the Sciences

Thursday 8th August (to be confirmed)

Provisional programme (liable to re-ordering):

Concepts and methodology

1. Annapaola Ginammi, Arianna Betti: Bolzano’s theory of ground and consequence and the traditional theory of concepts.   Abstract

2. Paola Cantu: Bolzano’s requirement of a correct ordering of concepts and its inheritance in modern axiomatics. Abstract

3. Michael Otte: Bolzano, Kant and the evolution of the concept of concept. Abstract

The mathematical infinite and other problems

4. Johan Blok: Did Bolzano Solve the Eighteenth Century Problem of Problematic Mathematical Entities?   Abstract

5. Elías Fuentes Guillén: On Bolzano’s early rejection of infinitesimals.    Abstract

6. Kateřina Trlifajova: Bolzano and the part-whole principle for infinite collections.  Abstract

Mathematical manuscripts

7. Jan Sebestik: Looking at Bolzano’s mathematical manuscripts. Abstract

8. Davide Crippa, Elías Fuentes Guillén, Jan Makovsky: Bernard Bolzano’s 1804 examination: mathematics and mathematical teaching in early 19th century Bohemia.  Abstract

Kinds of Numbers

9. Peter Simons: On the several kinds of number in Bolzano.  Abstract

10. Anna Bellomo: Bolzano’s measurable numbers: sets or sums?   Abstract