Photos (insert image + design): Elías Fuentes Guillén.  Left: Jan Šebestik,      Upper right: Paul Rusnock; lower right: Johan Blok and Steve Russ.

See reference to Skype session  at the end of this page.

This schedule is provisional and will be revised according to availabilities, suggestions, agreements, needs etc. The person named has been invited to introduce (maximum 20/30 minutes) and chair (or jointly chair) the session discussion – not to be giving a lecture in the usual sense. Discussions will focus on issues raised in the Google group associated with the meeting (see main webpage). Texts below refer to the Source Texts page. Participants are asked to read at least some of each text in advance.  Usual refreshment breaks are assumed.  Venue (apart from Tuesday afternoon) is the Zadesaci Mistnost (Meeting Room) at Jilska 1.

Monday 27th

10.30 Arrival – Welcome – Coffee/Tea – Introduction  (11.00)  in Meeting Room

S0:  11.15 – 12.45  Stefan Roski  : Texts (1a) and (1b)

S1:  14.00 – 15.30  Johan Blok :  Text (2)

S2:  16.00 – 17.30  Jan Sebestik  : To Be Announced

S3: 18.00 – 19.00 Skype session with Paul Rusnock and Elías Fuentes Guillén

Tuesday 28th   Venue for S5 and S6 is the seminar room of the Center for Theoretical Studies on the top floor of Jilska 1

S3:   09.30 – 10.45 Johan Blok :  Text (2)

S4:    11.15 – 12.30 Elías Fuentes Guillén / Davide  Crippa : Text (3)

S5:    16.00 – 17.30  Summary of progress and preparation of skype session

S6:    18.30 – 20.00  Paul Rusnock and Elías Fuentes Guillén (via skype)

Wednesday 29th

S7:    09.30 – 10.45  Katerina Trlifajová : Text (5)  and  Steve Russ and Katerina Trlifajová Text (4)

S8:    11.15 – 12.30  Final discussion and preparation of some output Report on the meeting.


Post-meeting remarks:

The above schedule was, broadly, maintained with the following changes. The sessions S2 and S3 were combined and we had skype then only with Elías Fuentes Guillén.  The sessions S5 and S6 were combined, Jan Sebestik joined us (with Paul Rusnock and Elías Fuentes Guillén) then by Skype too and there was no break (!).