Bernard Bolzano


The following is a list of papers on Bolzano’s mathematics and related topics in logic and philosophy. This list is under constant revision but is not meant to be exhaustive and will initially only include papers published from 2000.

A comprehensive set of bibliographies with works by and about Bolzano published up to 1999 can be found in the volume Bolzano-Gesamtbibliographie 1804–1999, by Jan Berg, Edgar Morscher and Anneliese Müller, while a list of bibliographies including papers published between 2000 and 2017 can be found in Bernard Bolzano: His Life and Work, by Paul Rusnock and Jan Šebestík. In Czech, an extensive selected bibliography can be found in Bernard Bolzano (1781-1848): výběrová bibliografie, by Jan Švejda, published in 1981 on the occasion of Bolzano’s bicentennial and built upon the 1972 “Bolzano-Bibliographie”, by Jan Berg, Edgar Morscher and Marie Pavlíková.


How to Distinguish Simple Objectless Ideas”, by Jan Claas
Bolzano on Bolzano: A Hitherto Unknown Announcement of Bolzano’s Beyträge”, by Elías Fuentes Guillén
Frege’s Silence About Bolzano”, by Jan Šebestík


Bolzano’s Theory of meßbare Zahlen: Insights and Uncertainties Regarding the Number Continuum”, by Elías Fuentes Guillén


Bolzano, Kant and the traditional theory of concepts: A computational investigation”, by Annapaola Ginammi, Jelke Bloem, Rob Koopman, Shenghui Wang and Arianna Betti
The 1804 examination for the chair of Elementary Mathematics at the University of Prague”, by Elías Fuentes Guillén and Davide Crippa
Bolzano’s Mathematical Infinite”, by Anna Bellomo and Guillaume Massas


Continuity between Cauchy and Bolzano: issues of antecedents and priority”, by Jacques Bair, Piotr Błaszczyk, Elías Fuentes Guillén, Peter Heinig, Vladimir Kanovei and Mikhail Katz
The notion of variable quantities ω in Bolzano’s early works”, by Elías Fuentes Guillén and Carmen Martínez Adame


Bolzano’s Infinite Quantities”, by Kateřina Trlifajová
Collections in Early Bolzano”, by Stefania Centrone and Mark Siebel


“Mathematical Visionary: Bolzano in Bohemia”, by Steve Russ


Bolzano’s measurable numbers: are they real?”, by Steve Russ and Kateřina Trlifajová
Early Bolzano on ground-consequence proofs”, by Stefania Centrone
Simplicity and Economy in Bolzano’s Theory of Grounding”, by Stefan Roski and Antje Rumberg


Bolzano’s Monadology”, by Peter Simons


The Transition from Formula-Centered to Concept-Centered Analysis. Bolzano’s Purely Analytic Proof”, by Iris Loeb and Stefan Roski
Bolzano versus Kant: Mathematics as a Scientia Universalis”, by Paola Cantù
Bolzano’s Lehrjahre”, by Jan Šebestík
Bolzano’s logical realism”, by Sandra Lapointe
Mathematics, Logics, and Philosophy: The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction in Kant, Bolzano and Peirce”, by Michael Otte


The Beyträge at 200: Bolzano’s quiet revolution in the philosophy of mathematics”, by Paul Rusnock and Jan Šebestík
Bolzano’s Concept of Grounding (Abfolge) against the Background of Normal Proofs”, by Antje Rumberg
Kant and Bolzano on Analyticity”, by Paul Rusnock
On Bolzano’s Concept of a Sum”, by Paul Rusnock


Strenge Beweise und das Verbot der metábasis eis állo génos”, by Stefania Centrone
Bolzano’s Universe: Truth, Logic and Metaphysics”, by Arianna Betti
Bolzano and Kant on the Nature of Logic”, by Clinton Tolley


Kant and Bolzano on logical form”, by Paul Rusnock
Bolzanos Zeichentheorie. Eine Untersuchung zu § 285 der Wissenschaftslehre”, by Stefania Centrone and Wolfgang Künne
‘It Falls Somewhat Short of Logical Precision.’ Bolzano on Kant’s Definition of Analyticity”, by Mark Siebel
Bolzano e la logica”, by Peter Simons
Concepts and contrasts: Hermann Grassmann and Bernard Bolzano”, by Steve Russ


Explanation in metaphysics and Bolzano’s theory of ground and consequence”, by Arianna Betti
Rigor, Re-Proof and Bolzano’s Critical Program”, by Michael Detlefsen
Etchemendy and Bolzano on Logical Consequence”, by Paul Rusnock and Mark Burke
Functions in Frege, Bolzano and Husserl”, by Stefania Centrone
The analytic-synthetic distinction and the classical model of science: Kant, Bolzano and Frege”, by Willem R. de Jong


Bolzanos zwei Substanzbegriffe. Anmerkungen zu Krauses Bolzano-Interpretation”, by Benjamin Schnieder


Mere Possibilities: A Bolzanian Approach to Non-Actual Objects”, by Benjamin Schnieder


Austrian philosophers on truth”, by Peter Simons
Analyticity and logical truth: From Bolzano to Quine”, by Wolfgang Künne
The great divide within Austrian philosophy: The synthetic a priori”, by Edgar Morscher


Bolzano and uniform continuity”, by Paul Rusnock and Angus Kerr-Lawson


Bolzano as Logician”, by Paul Rusnock and Rolf George


Bolzano sur la structure des propositions et le rôle sémantique des propriétés”, by Benjamin Schnieder
Husserl Reader of Bolzano”, by Jan Šebestík


Bolzano’s Concept of Consequence”, by Mark Siebel
Bolzano’s Theory of Ground and Consequence”, by Armin Tatzel
Compatibility and relevance: Bolzano and Orlov”, by Werner Stelzner


Ontological Convictions and Epistemological Obstacles in Bolzano’s Elementary Geometry”, by Guillermina Waldegg
Bernard Bolzano, Analyticity and the Aristotelian Model of Science”, by Willem R. de Jong
Bolzano’s inheritance research in Bohemia”, by Magdalena Hykšová


Il problema dei fondamenti della matematica all’inizio dell’Ottocento. Due linee di pensiero: Bolzano e Gauss”, by Paolo Bussotti
When, and why, did Frege read Bolzano?”, by Göran Sundholm
From Bolzano’s Point of View”, by Jan Berg