Bolzano in Prague 2017 


Initially this site will only show details and resources for the Bolzano in Prague 2017 meeting this November.  The intention is gradually to build up here various resources  concerning the work of Bernard Bolzano. The focus of the site will be on Bolzano’s mathematical work.

Bolzano in Prague 2017

Monday 27th November – Wednesday 29th November 2017

200th Anniversary of some Mathematical Achievements of Bernard Bolzano

Davide Crippa (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague),
Steve Russ (University of Warwick, UK),

Venue:  Conference Room (Department of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences) and (Tuesday afternoon only) Center for Theoretical Studies, both at Jilská 1.

Accommodation and meals: Participants need to pay for, and arrange, their own accommodation and meals.  Where possible lunch and evening meal will be arranged locally on an ad hoc basis.

Programme: This will be a small research-oriented meeting celebrating the 200th anniversary of some major achievements of Bolzano to be found in his two mathematical works of 1817. (See embryonic Bibliography. )  We are not expecting to have any full-length lectures but instead the meeting will proceed largely by discussion. The main focus of the discussions will be on the recent PhD theses of Johan Blok and Elías Fuentes Guillén.  Other works are also expected to be discussed.

See Source Texts and Schedule  for further information.

Preliminary work in advance of the meeting will be done through a Google Group ‘Bolzano in Prague 2017’. If you would like to join this group please send me your email ( and I’ll send you an invitation.

An after-life? The Google group just-mentioned persists and it is practically possible that the meeting might enjoy an ‘after-life’ – sustained by those who were present and those who would like to have been present. If you would like to join the group and discuss matters arising, or have any difficulties accessing the group, please let me know.   [posted 26.12.17]

200th Anniversary:  This aspect of our purpose was only partly addressed by the presentations and discussions.  A short paper for this specific purpose was published in early December 2017,  ‘Bolzano in Bohemia’, Steve Russ. This appeared in the magazine Mathematics Today published by the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications (Vol. 53, No.6, pp278-281).  For copyright reasons we are not allowed to put this on the web. Copies for personal use can be obtained on request to Steve Russ at the address above.