Bolzano Lecture in 2018

There was a lecture from Elías Fuentes Guillén on 11th June 2018 in the Institute for Philosophy in Jilská 1, Prague, with about a dozen participants. This was at the end of his two-month Dobrovsky Fellowship in Prague. The abstract and slides used are linked for download below. The title of the lecture was

Bolzano’s early mathematical concepts: old terms within new practices?

His lecture gave an overview of work in his PhD thesis (available from another menu – Bolzano 2017 – at this website) and also reported on his more recent work here in Prague. The meeting was chaired by Dr Jan Balon, Head of the Centre for Science, Technology and Society Studies. The lecture was followed by lively discussion and questions chaired by Dr Steve Russ (University of Warwick, UK). Of especial interest were quotations Dr Fuentes Guillén gave from lecture notes by Bolzano found in the PNP archive at Strahov, and his finding of indications – as early as 1818 – of changes in Bolzano’s thinking about infinite quantities. He referred, for example, to BGA Bd. 2B 9/2:126 (see slides below).