Discussion group

Current members of the group (this is the default list to which I send email messages). You can add, or remove, yourself at any time by sending request to Steve Russ.

Steve Russ . University of Warwick . russ.steve@gmail.com

Arianna Betti . University of Amsterdam . ariannabetti@gmail.com

Annapaola Ginammi . University of Amsterdam . annapaolaginammi@gmail.com

Paola Cantu . Aix en Provence . paola.cantu2@googlemail.com

Michael Otte . michaelontra@aol.com

Jan Sebestik . CNRS Paris . sebestikjan@seznam.cz

Peter Simons . Trinity College Dublin . psimons@tcd.ie

Johan Blok . Groningen . blokdoorn@gmail.com

Elias Fuentes Guillen . eliasfg@usal.es

Davide Crippa . CNRS Paris . davide.crippa@gmail.com

Jan Makovsky . Centre for Theoretical Studies, Prague . makovsky@cts.cuni.cz

Katerina Trlifajova . Technical University Prague . katerina.trlifajova@gmail.com

Anna Bellomo . University of Amsterdam . a.bellomo@uva.nl

Marlena Fila . Pedagogical University Krakow . marlena.fila@up.krakow.pl